The complete roadmap to a stress-free classroom setup for self-contained special education teachers


In this course, you will learn simple, fail-proof steps to setting up your self-contained classroom. You’ll learn everything from building out your ideal classroom schedules, to prepping for the new school year,  and making choices that are right for each of your unique students, without feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

You know you need to ditch the time-consuming classroom layout and setup process and start focusing on what matters most. . . your students & their specific needs!

Best of all, this course is designed for classrooms at all levels. 

"I’ve never felt more prepared, focused, and ready to lead my team than I do now. This course has really broken everything down, almost like a task analysis, and eliminated the stress for me."

Lacey (2021 Course Member)

Hear Why Kearstin LOVES Simple Self-Contained Setup 101®

"Sometimes when people are planning a wedding they reach out to a wedding planner because they are just so confused and so worried about all the details. I would relate this experience to that.

This felt like a teaching planner.

This was a person who could step in and help me with all the details. Scheduling, classroom layout, curriculum… all these things and more were covered in the program and I felt such peace at knowing that someone else was thinking of that for me and could help walk me through the steps. It really helped me to feel empowered when I entered the teaching world." - Kearstin (2021 Course Member)


Hey, self-contained teachers!

You’re looking to kick the school year off on an organized, stress-free page that will set you AND your students up for top-notch success.

You’re exhausted by the thought of the anxiety and disorganization that sneaks up every year around back-to-school time.

You’re looking to go from chaotic classroom setup to streamlined special education space that will have your students reaching the stars (and beyond)!

Tell me if this sounds familiar. . . 

You’re a self-contained special education teacher who is stressed about the back-to-school process because, let’s face it, they didn’t teach you this in school. You don’t know where to start, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, and you
really wish you had a simplified process to successfully set up your classroom and the systems that go with it.

Are you...

A brand new self-contained teacher who is fresh out of school with your first job? Congratulations! But now where do you begin?

A special education teacher who is new to the self-contained environment? Hooray for the new assignment! Now, how are you going to set up and prep for student success?

A veteran teacher who is looking for a creative spark to help eliminate back-to-school stress and fine tune your classroom setup?

If you answered YES to any of these, keep reading!

With Simple Self-Contained Setup 101®,

you will get the tools you need to go from an uneasy and apprehensive self-contained teacher who dreads the daunting classroom setup and back-to-school prep process to one who has the confidence to take on anything that comes her way with rock-solid plans and systems.  

By the end of this program you will:

Gain an understanding of the types of schedules, learn how to select a schedule for each student and how to build a classroom schedule that suits your day
Develop a positive team mindset and a framework that will allow for the highest-level of team support
Build your classroom layout design and develop your classroom setup philosophy
Plan your curriculum by subject, and identify your current gaps and needs moving forward
Prep for change before it happens and know how to implement those changes in a systematic way

Gain Instant Access to All 5 Modules


That's right! You can start working towards a simplified, stress-free classroom setup today!

Simple Self-Contained Setup 101® is strategically built to increase your productivity and reduce overwhelm. 

Follow each module in order as you put your new, career-changing systems into practice!

All lesson videos are pre-recorded so you can complete the course at your own pace. 

What's Inside

Simple Self-Contained Setup 101®

Module 1:

The Schedule

Success starts with structure! We’ll start by diving into the importance of schedules and how to choose the right one for your classroom.  We’ll break down the various types of schedules, the formats of schedules, and how to choose a schedule to best meet the needs of each unique student. I’ll even walk you through the 4 MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENTS of your daily classroom schedule and how to build it from scratch!

Module 2:

The Team

Remember, we are better together! In this module, we’ll build a positive team mindset along with the framework that will have you fully supporting your team as a classroom leader. You’ll learn the ins and outs of communicating with families, paraprofessionals, and service providers to create a mutual goal of supporting each student in the best way possible.

Module 3:

The Classroom

This is a BIG one for new teachers. In this module, you’ll gain every tool needed to create the classroom setup of your dreams! We’ll work to develop your classroom setup philosophy and plan out your classroom from an organized, student centered perspective. You will walk away from Module 3 ready to make your classroom a functional, inviting space for both you and your students!

Module 4:

The Curriculum

Here’s where we’ll identify your curriculum foundation. While this course focuses on planning rather than implementing, we’ll still take the time to explore a baseline idea of WHAT you will teach and WHAT you will use to teach it before the school year begins. In Module 4, you’ll gain access to your curriculum planning guide, where you’ll be able to identify your current gaps and needs. We’ll also touch on differentiation and pivoting as needed, as one single curriculum alone is never the solution in self-contained.

Module 5:

The Changes

In Module 5, you’ll learn everything you need to review your newly-created systems and setup, identify any gaps, and make necessary changes to fine-tune your classroom, your way! We’re going to analyze the data to implement positive change in the most systematic way. You’ll be able to take these skills and utilize them (if needed) after you put your plan to real practice when the school year kicks off!


Ready to streamline your back-to-school routine with LESS overwhelm and MORE confidence?



             When you enroll during this special, limited-time period, you’ll get:

Simple Self-Contained Setup 101®

( a $450 value)


Here’s what you are getting when you enroll today:

  • The EXACT tools you need RIGHT NOW to have the most successful start to the school year (before your students even enter your classroom) through 5 robust modules
  • A complete, step-by-step plan for your ideal classroom setup through over 25 bite-sized videos. Each video is pre-recorded so you can work at your own pace! These lesson videos include direct outcomes that will make an immediate (and significant) impact on your setup process
  • The opportunity for you to process your learning and create actionable goals, module-by-module, through our course workbook. In here you will find space to jot notes, make BIG decisions, and formulate to-do lists!
  • Plus, over 35 downloadable resources (checklists, forms, flowcharts, and more) to help you create the classroom and career of your dreams!

Module 1:

The Schedule

Video 1: Why Do We Start with Schedules?

Video 2: The Types of Schedules

Video 3: The Schedule Format

Video 4: The Daily Schedule

Module 2:

The Team

Video 1: We Are Better Together!

Video 2: Communicating With the Parents and Guardians

Video 3: Paraprofessionals and Teaching Assistants

Video 4: The Service Providers

Module 3:

The Classroom

Video 1: Function Not Decor

Video 2: The Philosophy

Video 3: The Spaces

Video 4: The Materials

Video 5: The Layout

Video 6: Functional Decor

Module 4:

The Curriculum

Video 1: The Curriculum

Video 2: The Planning

Video 3: The Gaps

Video 4: The Funding

Video 5: The Differentiation

Module 5:

The Changes

Video 1: The Changes

Video 2: The Assessment

Video 3: The Change

Video 4: The Implementation

Success Stories

“I loved how it was broken down into modules and we were taught in a way we would teach our students. Meaning there were videos, visuals, and excellent feedback in the comment sections. I was very grateful to have found the class before my first year of teaching to help not feel so overwhelmed.”

(TK-4th, Self-Contained with Integration (SCI) Teacher)

"This is my 4th year teaching, I always have lots of anxiety going back to school, even though I’ve done this before. I felt like every year I was changing things trying to get it just right. I’ve never felt more prepared, focused, and ready to lead my team than I do now. This course has really broken everything down, almost like a task analysis, and eliminated the stress for me." 

(2021 Course Member)

"My biggest transformation was with my mindset and my stress level. I feel that I will be a better leader and be able to handle stress more effectively now that I’ve got some tools under my belt." 

(2021 Course Member)

“There were a lot of things I did not know how to prepare for. My friend and I joined the group together. This really helped us lean on each other for support, but also allowed us to both get organized for the upcoming school year in a way that did not make us feel overwhelmed… Without this, I do not think I would be the teacher that I am today. I am forever thankful for Alyssa!”

(K-5, Self-Contained Classroom Teacher)

Hear Why Sabrina LOVES Simple Self-Contained Setup 101®

"This will be my first year of teaching self-contained. When I finished setting up my room, arranging furniture, making copies, and hanging my wall schedules, I looked around and I felt so confident! I feel like because of this course and group I know what to do on day one with my students."

- Sabrina (2021 Course Member)


"When the school year began, I felt extremely prepared. I feel confident in my classroom and the routines, structure, and environment that I have in place."

(K-5, Self-Contained Classroom Teacher)

Hi, I'm Alyssa

I was in your shoes. I know what it feels like to enter a school year in a frazzled way. I know what it feels like to have a hectic, overwhelming start to the year with 20+ lists covering my desk and no idea where to start.

Creating this step-by-step plan transformed not only my own classroom, but my career. Following this exact plan led me into the school year with a ready for anything mindset. Because of this, I was able to focus on my students, and have a huge significant influence on their learning. Setting up your self-contained classroom may just be the first step into your duties as a self-contained teacher, but it’s the one that leaves the biggest impact on your year as a whole. 

Will you be prepared for anything that comes your way? 

Whether you are a brand new teacher, or a veteran one who still doesn’t have a solid plan for back-to-school in place, I personally invite you to join me inside Simple Self-Contained Setup 101® to gain the clarity you need to make this year different.

All The Tools You Need To Build Your Dream Classroom

With pre-recorded lessons, the pace of this course it totally up to you. Binge the course in one weekend or spread it out through the end of summer. It's totally up to you and your learning preference!

I'm providing the Classroom Setup Roadmap. Are you ready to drive?


"The knowledge I gained helped more than any professional development class I took."

(TK-4th, Self-Contained with Integration (SCI) Teacher)

Have you ever wished you could design your classroom layout while laying in bed?

Introducing: Classroom Layout Builder

It's time for your classroom to go from Hoarders to HGTV – just like mine!

Classroom Layout Builder is designed specifically for self-contained classrooms and teachers just like you! Take the stress out of classroom setup and save hours in the process. Drag-and-drop your classroom objects into your space, create custom labels, and design your dream classroom layout while following my carefully curated steps in Module 3: The Classroom. 


8 Classroom Layouts


40+ Classroom Object Icons


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Private Facebook Group  
Course members will be invited to join a private, 6-week group! This is where you will get all of the support, be able to ask questions, and have access to live Q+A’s! You’ll even have the opportunity to take guidance from Alyssa and her team as you move through the modules, along with your fellow special education teachers.

Q&A Sessions 
Every week in August, Alyssa will go live in the Facebook group to answer questions submitted by YOU and walk you through any bumps you may hit throughout the course.

Classroom Prep Video Library 
Need a quick tutorial for prepping materials for your classroom setup? The classroom prep library will give you tutorials for all of the key parts to the self-contained setup. Want to laminate file folders? Bind adapted books? Build a task box system? The classroom prep library will show you how to best prep your special education resources to save you time and money.

Resource Downloads
Templates, forms, checklists, flowcharts, class signs, and much more to get your setup streamlined - fast and free of stress.

Alumni Community
After 6 weeks inside the private Facebook group, you will be invited to the “Simple Self-Contained” Facebook community for alumni only. Here you will continue the conversation, receive real-time support from my team, and collaborate with other teachers who have gone down the same path you have so you can continue to learn and grow throughout the school year and beyond. Support like this is hard to find!
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Instant access to 10 classroom prep video tutorials!

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I'm so sure you're going to love the Classroom Prep Library that I'm sharing a full video right here!
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When you add that all up, that’s a total value of $450.

But because I am super excited to welcome you into Simple Self-Contained Setup 101®, and want to help as many self-contained teachers as possible, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll today at the special price of…. $97.


"I am excited about teaching again!!!"



"This will be my 6th year teaching - second in elementary school! I feel much more organized and prepared going into this year than I did last summer! I've learned so much about preparation, planning, curriculum, and classroom setup!"


"Before I started this course, I felt like OH MY GOSH I am the only brand new teacher who has never set up a classroom and doesn't know what she's going to teach and is totally lost (dramatic, right?). It has been awesome to be able to connect with educators who are in the same boat as me. I am feeling more confident going into the school year."


"I love the course so much, thank you!! Something I have always struggled with is what do I have in my classroom and how to make it useful. Scheduling also has been very helpful and I feel more prepared in going into the school year with a plan!"

"I know what to do on Day 1 with my students."



“There was not a program set up in my class, so I had to start from scratch. I was overwhelmed and I didn't know what I would do. I struggled through my first year and that summer I really wanted to figure out some way to do things that worked. There aren't that many resources for self-contained classrooms, especially severe-profound teachers. I learned how to structure my schedule better, individual and classroom schedules… When I started in the fall I had a solid set of interventions and plans.


“I'm switching from general education to special education and have just been feeling all the major emotions about a new district, new school, and new role. Although I have virtually no access to my room, caseload, and curriculum until August, I feel like I have a solid game plan and foundation of what I need to do to get my room set up for success on Day 1. In addition, I'm also feeling a lot more confident about managing paraprofessionals and creating a team atmosphere from the get-go!”


“This was a life saver for me! I was a first year teacher in a self-contained structured autism classroom, and I needed all the help I could get with classroom setup, organization, behavior, and scheduling. This course helped with all of that! The prompts Alyssa gave and all the resources she shared were so helpful, and the course was organized in a way that wasn’t stressful. Alyssa helped walk me through my first year. I 100% recommend completing this course if you are in your first few years of teaching!”

"I feel that I will be a better leader."



"This is my 6th year in a 3 Yr. Old preschool class with a mix of special education students and at-risk students. I have loved the set up tool! Much easier than physically moving furniture all around and changing it again!"


"My biggest transformation would have to be feeling less anxious and stressed and now feeling more at ease and prepared for a brand new year as a first year teacher. The resources and how to use them were helpful."


"I work through the summer at our school and I used these modules to create amazing wall schedules for my students. My students are loving them. The videos were simple and easy to follow and they came out wonderful."

The Simple Setup Guarantee

Your purchase is protected by our “Simple Setup Guarantee”. I’m confident that Simple Self-Contained Setup 101® will give you the stress-free classroom setup you’ve always known was possible!

However, if you decide that Simple Self-Contained Setup 101® isn’t for you, you can request a 100% refund within 14 days of purchase. All we ask is that you show us the work you completed during that time period and contact [email protected] to start the refund process.

“Being a part of this helped me feel prepared for everything I needed as a new self-contained teacher.”

(K-5, Self-Contained Classroom Teacher)

Frequently Asked Questions

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You want to start the year in a simple, stress-free way.
The Simple Self-Contained Setup 101® systematic approach to back-to-school will have you starting your year off with confidence and clarity needed to teach your self-contained students in a stress-free way.


You want to save time and money on resources and decor you don’t really need.
Save money! Say goodbye to the endless Dollar Store runs and 
white noise of Pinterest-inspired bulletin boards. Instead, focus on the setup that will aim your students AND your team towards success. 


You want more time to focus on student needs and less time worrying about setup.
By streamlining your classroom setup you’ll have time to focus on student needs, IEPs, and more. 


You want to be a confident leader with a strategic plan in place. 
Feel prepared, focused, and ready to lead your team of professionals with a strategic plan and all the tools you need for a successful school year. 
You want to create the perfect schedule for your classroom and each of your unique students.
Learn the key differences between the types of schedules and schedule formats as you save time and set your students, and you, up for year-long success.
You want to feel connected, because let's face it, the self-contained setting can feel isolating.
Connect with educators just like youInteract with Alyssa, experts from Simply Special Ed, and your peers in the members-only Facebook group.
You want a solid game plan and foundation before stepping into your classroom.
Plan your curriculum, design your classroom layout, create schedules, and learn how to lead your team all from the comfort of your own home.

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